Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: SEC Heisman Watch, Urban Meyer, and Finebaum needs to shut up...again

The Usual Suspects. The SEC's best chances for the Heisman Trophy are mostly who you think they would be: Mark Ingram (Alabama), Ryan Mallett (Arkansas), Cam Newton (Auburn), Patrick Peterson (LSU), and Trey Burton (Florida). (Athens Banner-Herald)

Speaking of Patrick Peterson, there's a chance that LSU may use him on the offense. (ESPN)

Speaking of Mark Ingram, Tony Barnhart was wrong about Ingram's chances of a Hesiman repeat. Because he said so. (Mr. College Football)

Speaking of Ryan Mallett, the overrated Arkansas QB's fake on Twitter is recovering from the Hawgs collapse against Alabama by heading to Mexico. Hide your niƱas, hide your esposa. (Friends of the Program)

Field of Dreams. A look at Urban Meyer's minor league baseball career. (Lost Letterman, Dr. Saturday)

Paul Finebaum says "Alabama and Florida is college football's most important rivalry." If it were that important, they'd play each other every year during the season. Instead, 'Bama gets Tennessee as its intterdivision rival, and Florida gets LSU. Shut up, Paul. (

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