Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Your Monent of Tebowness: Should Tebow start for the Broncos in Week One? Is he "Already bigger" than Elway?

Could Tim Tebow be the starter for the Denver Broncos by Week One  of the 2010 NFL season? Realistically, it would probably take a whole lot of underperformance  from Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn to bump His Tebowness up from the number three QB to number one. Mind you, Quinn didn't really help himself in the first preseason game, while Tebow ran the ball in for a touchdown.
Meanwhile, the Bleacher Report's RM Herold gives his ten reasons why Tebow will start in Game One. Among the reasons are Orton and Quinn being underwhelming, Josh McDaniels seeing Tebow as his Tom Brady, the first game being in Jacksonville, and most importantly, the buzz from the Broncos' fans.
Herold's fellow Bleacher Report writer Elliott Pohnl takes the Tebowmania even further, giving the reasons why Tebow is "Already Bigger Than John Elway." That's bigger, not better. And while the hype surrounding Tebow might seem bigger than the legacy of Elway, that doesn't always make it so. Tebow will have to start proving Pohnl's point based on his performance on the field in the NFL, not with his own college legacy.

(via Bleacher Report)

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