Monday, August 30, 2010

Virginia Tech alternate uni looks, well, kind of hokey.

The leaked image on the left is reportedly of the Nike Pro Combat uniform that Virginia Tech will be donning for at least one game this season. (This year's uniforms and the teams wearing them will be officially announced on September 1.) The uni pretty much appears to be all black with orange trim and numbers. The numbers seem to have  images inside, which is reminiscent of the images on the back of the alternate uniforms worn by the Duke men's basketball team last season.
While it probably will look better in real life, the uni looks rather uninspiring. All-black uniforms can look formidable, but they can also be rather predictable. All maroon might have been a more interesting choice.
Of course the real selling points of the Nike Pro Combat line are it's lightweight, moisture-wicking material. Design does count for something, though. And Nike could have done a lot better with Virginia Tech.

(via Gobbler Country)

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