Thursday, August 26, 2010

Twelve Angry Programs: Texas, Colorado, and more

 (Twelve Angry Programs is SWRT's look at the Big 12, a conference where nobody can really seem to get along with each other. )

Texas and USC ink deal. The Longhorns and Trojans will play in a home-at-home series in 2017 and 2018. (ESPN)

Colorado's Dan Hawkins wants a contract extension. Embattled Colorado coach Dan "Cheaper to Keep Him" Hawkins thinks the solution to the Buffaloes' on-the-field struggles is to give him a contract extension. Hawkins is the only person on Earth  who thinks he deserves a contract extension (at least the people on Earth not related to him). (Dr. Saturday)

In other schadenfreude-related Colorado news: It looks like money woes will keep Colorado in the Big 12 until 2012. (Dr. Saturday)

Nebraska's Bo Pelini to Twitter users: Get a job! The Nebraska coach responded to a reporter's questions about an alledged fake Twitter account for freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez by proclaiming “If people have time to follow Twittering and tweeting, then they need to get a job.”  (The Husker, Husker Extra)

Texas Tech AD Gerald Meyers announces retirement.  Meyers, who has overseen the Red Raider's rise to prominence in the past 14 years, will retrire in May 0f 2011. Don't expect Mike Leach at thr retirement party, though. (ESPN)

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