Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rivals.com disses Ricky Stanzi, and with in doing so, disses America

Rivals.com seems to have it out for Iowa's Ricky Stanzi today. On one hand, Tom Dienhart calls Stanzi the Big Ten's "Most Overrated Player." On the other hand. Matt Hinton refers to Stanzi as "the picture of mediocrity." This despite admitting that Stanzi is "indispensable" to the Hawkeye's chances of winning.
Memo to Rivals: When you diss Ricky Stanzi, you diss  Ameirca. If Dienhart and Hinton have a problem with him, fine. There's a plane heading off to Communist North Korea waiting for those dirty Godless commies. 'Cause as the Manzi himself said "If you don't love it, leave it!"

(via  Rivals.comDr. Saturday, Black Heart Gold Pants)

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