Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ohhhh! A quarterback controversy at Michigan!

The words "quarterback controversy" may be the two sweetest words for a sports blogger. And oh by gosh by golly, there seems to be one at Michigan.  Wolverine senior cornerback Troy Woolfolk is dissing Tate Forcier's work ethic, while praising Forcier's backup from last year, Denard Robinson over him. That's never a good sign for team unity there. According to Woolfolk, Forcier has been skipping out on those infamous Michigan "voluntary" workouts, while Robinson has shown up consistently. And while Robinson was shaky as a passer last year, his passing is reportedly " greatly improved" and he is being seen as a leader on the team, where Forcier is reportedly seen as "diseased." Ouch.

(via Detroit Free-Press, EDSBS)

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