Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leave Lane Kiffin Alone! No seriously, leave him alone, Vols Nation.

Dangit, Vols Nation. Are you still lashing out at Lane Kiffin? Sheesh! You have Derek Dooley, a new coach with a truckload of integrity, perfect hair, and a spiffy looking hat. Can't you spend more time on that instead of  putting out Lane lame dribble like this?

Cue the Carolina Liar. And call Chris Crocker's  lawyers.

Seriously, enough with the Kiffin bashing, Tennessee fans. Unless it's actually funny, that is. And no, this doesn't count either.

Same fellow in both videos, by the way. Luckily he didn't go for the trifecta.

(via Crum35)

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