Monday, August 16, 2010

Is Georgia in the wrong division?

Team Speed Kills has some interesting analysis of SEC inter-division play. According to its statistics, Georgia has the best inter-division record, followed by Florida, and a tie between Alabama and Tennessee.
So this obviously brings up a good question: Is Georgia in the wrong division? From a record standpoint it might look like the answer would be "yes." Though realistically, Georgia would probably have as tough of a time facing Alabama and LSU every year as they do facing Florida and Tennessee yearly now. So the winning percentage might stay the same or even get worse.
And switching divisions would in all probability mean switching out Auburn with Florida as an intra-division rival. Because there's no way either UGA or Florida would give up playing the World's Largest (Censored by Dr. Adams). It would be a better deal for Florida in that case, since they probably wouldn't mind dropping facing LSU every year for Georgia.
And that would mean Georgia facing a true Murderer's Row - Florida, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Arkansas - add Georgia Tech to that mix, and the Dawgs' quest for a yearly SEC title gets harder than getting  any easier.
And Gerogia switching divisions would probably only happen if the SEC expanded eastward instead of westward, adding a couple of teams from either the ACC, Big East, or some non-BCS conference. In other words, don't hold your breath about it happening anytime soon.

(via Team Speed Kills)

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