Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Internet's war on Kenny Chesney continues

Ever since ESPN and ABC decided to ram Kenny Chesney down their viewer's throats last year during broadcasts of college football games, the short, bald, man-pal of Peyton Manning as been Public Enemy Number One of college football bloggers. Or at least close to it. This year, Chesney released the song "The Boys of Fall," an anthem to his love of the game.

So naturally, the song sooner of later had to become the target of disdain from somebody. That somebody was Spencer Hall AKA the blogger formerly known as Orson Swindle. It's not to say that Hall savaged the song and video, because it's more like he napalmed it.

"He sucks, and most things do, but when he dips his toes across into the realm of football they deserve to be chainsawed off at the nearest convenience. The entire song is supposedly about football, but it's really about how Kenny Chesney should be bound and gagged, bundled into an uninsulated rocket filled with honey badgers, and shot into the sun. Oddly enough, this is what we think every Kenny Chesney song is about. Hm."

It doesn't seem that Hall is crazy about Chesney's farmer's tan, is he?
Chesney's obsession with football is notorious enough that Deadspin reported on a photo taken of Chesney with a female other than his girlfriend. Mind you the female was  ESPNs Jenn Brown,  but let's keep little details like that out of the discussion.

(via EDSBS, Deadspin)

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