Thursday, August 19, 2010

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: James WIlder Jr. to FUS, BC's Mark Herzilch, and more

FSU strikes gold (as well as garnet).  Much sought after recruit James Wilder Jr. commits to  the Seminoles. (Tomahawk Nation)

Mark Herzlich gets a check-up. The Boston College linebacker who has fought a form of cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma, was given a "clean bill of health" from his  doctors  after a check-up. His current broken foot is the only thing keeping from practicing with the team right now. (Boston Herald, BC Interruption)

Contest for coolest piece of Georgia Tech memorabilia. Not to say that the entries in this competition are underwhelming, but when two of the three entries involve last season, and the other is an original copy of "Ramblin Wreck" sheet music...well, the entries are underwhelming. You would expect better from a program with GT's history. (From the Rumble Seat)

Spencer Hall on the Tennessee-UNC fiasco. Leave it to the blogger formerly known as Orson Swindle to turn an embarrassing situation for the Vols into a Obama-like stimulus plan for UNC and Buffalo.

According to University of Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton, financial relief will be directed through the Tennessee football program in the form of payments made to the University of North Carolina and the University of Buffalo, schools located in two of the states hit hardest by the recession. 

Nike Pro Combat unis return. Several SEC and ACC schools will be once again wearing the unique looking Nike Pro Combat uniforms that debuted last year. They include Alabama, Florida, Miami, and Virginia Tech. (, Gobbler Country)

SEC inter-divisional factoid of the day. Since the SEC expanded into two divisions in 1991, there have been three teams with five perfect inter-divisional records (Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee). (Team Speed Kills)

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