Thursday, February 25, 2010

More reasons why R**n Mallett has lost the right to use the name "Ryan"

Here at Shirts With Random Triangles there's a little something called "The Ryan List". Ryan is the name of winners , heroes and champions. Like Nolan Ryan, Matt Ryan, and Real World: Brooklyn cast member and Iraq vet Ryan Conklin.
A few months ago Arkansas quarterback R**n Mallett lost his spot on the list for losing to Georgia and Alabama. He broke his foot earlier this year. If the following video is accurate about how Mallett is getting around the Arkansas campus, then it's gonna be a long time before he ever earns a spot back on the list.

Does that say "dork," or does that say "dork"?
Seriously, if I were a college QB with a foot injury I'd be having myself getting around campus in a wheelchair pushed by cheerleaders and/or hot coeds. That. my friends, would be pimpin'.

(via EDSBS)

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