Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When cultural phenomena collide: Tim Tebow and American Idol?

It's stories like this that even make a blogger who thought he'd heard everything this past six months to go "Oh snap!" Janell Wheeler (pictured, right next to you-know-who), who may or may not have been romantically involved with Tim Tebow is rumored to be one of the 24 finalists for this season's American Idol. Mind you, there have been a bunch of alledged Tebow girlfriends out there, Including Lucy Pinder of all people.(I'm sure Ma and Pa Tebow would've been thrilled it that was true). But the idea of seeing Tebow and SImon Cowell in the same place at the same time might be to actually get me to watch the dang show for once.

(via Bumpshack, The Tebow Zone)

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