Friday, January 1, 2010

What does the Sugar Bowl and a Garbage song have in common?

"It's All Over But the Crying"*

Yes, barring a recovery even his Tebowness isn't Tebow enough to accomplish, this game is done. Cincinnati fans are quietly (or not so quietly) cursing Brian Kelly's name at the moment and wishing he would perform what Neal Boortz calls "an impossible act." Meanwhile Tebow relishes in what may be the last meaningful football game of his life (what, you consider Jacksonville Jaguars game meaningful?). And Urban Meyer prepares for his Farve-esque leave of absence.
Y'know what I regret about this game. Coming up with the brilliant idea of the "Predict What Biblical Verse Tebow Would Put In His Eyeblack" game. I can't argue with Ephesians 2:8-10, but I was kind of hoping for Matthew 28:16-20.

*(Yeah, kinda lame. I was looking for the Georgia Satellites' "All Over But the Crying." But dangit! YouTube didn't have it.)

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