Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tim Tebow Victory Tour for Fun and Profit is Off and Running

He hasn't been a graduate of Florida for even a month, and what does Tim Tebow do? Show up in a video pimping another college!
It would seem that with those silly little NCAA amateur rules out of the way, the Tim Tebow Victory Tour for Fun and Profit is on. The first scheduled stop: Nashville's Lipscomb University on April 17 for an event called the Don Meyer Evening of Excellence. Tickets for the school National Bison Club on January 25, with the leftovers going on sale to the general public on February 15. It's not quite The National Press Club, but everybody's got to start somewhere.
Here's how Lipscomb is promoting this event:

I'd use this time to say "(Insert obvious joke here)," but Deadspin already has.
Here's the fun part of this story; Tebow shows up in a video promoting the event on Lipcomb's web site wearing a Lipsomb purple and yellow t-shirt. (Insert irony here, LSU fans) Luckily for Tebow, Lipscomb University isn't allowing this little gem to be embeddable. Otherwise it would be dynamite in the hands of Tebow (and Gator) haters everywhere.

(via Deadspin)

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