Friday, January 1, 2010

Terence Moore has a thinking problem over "Real Coaches"

Terence Moore's ability to say something stupid has no bounds. This time, he defends the likes of Mike Leach, Mark Mangino, and other "real" football coaches. "Real" football coaches meaning those who went to the Darkseid School of Management.
"Still, no matter what really is the deal here surrounding Leach's treatment of wide receiver Adam James earlier this month and even before that, this applies: if you're anything close to an old-school college football coach these days, you might consider joining the Marines or something."
Apparently Moore didn't get the message. The Marines are looking for a few good men. Not control freaks with authority problems. Big difference there.
Same with the Army. Ever hear the phrase "Duty, Honor, Country," Terence? Do you see the word "self" or "ego" in there? No. Are "self" and "ego" the words that come to mind thinking about Mike Leach? Yes.
Anybody who has actually paid attention to Leach's relationship with his Texas Tech superiors knows that Adam James was being used more as an excuse to fire him than an actual response of disgust. Leach's main offense was putting him interests over the school's interests.
Many of these "Real" coaches are the same way. They basically want to be Master of the Universe at their school. Only their He-Man Schtick comes more off like Skeletor. And when they've taken the school for all they could, they jump for the next job the first chance they get. (Hi, Brian Kelly!).
Moore waxes poetically on Mark Mangino too. lamenting of how Mangino was let go because of "several Kansas players who claimed Mangino whipped folks to death with his tongue."
Dang, Mangino must be a mutant if his tongue can do this:

That's a pretty powerful tongue to cause damage like that. Actually, that's allegedly the hand of a player than Mangino made "bear-crawl " across a hot astro-turf covered field. That's the result of burns the player is supposed to have received.
Look, here's the real reason the "real coaches" are endangered. It's because they want to have absolute control over their program. They expect AD's to rubber-stamp their every decision and look the other way at their misdeeds and probably NCAA violations. That philosophy is out of vogue at a time were fans and corporate sponsors expect the programs they support to be clean inside and out. Not just whitewashed tombs.
And by the way, Moore. Nice cheap shot at the military there. It it rough, yes. But there is a code of conduct of what can and can't be done to recruits. Just remember those in the Armed Forces are doing a job you apparently had too much of a yellow streak down your back to do. Or maybe you just didn't want somebody yelling in your face like you want Mike Leach and Mark Mangino to do. Moore, you're a hypocrite.

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