Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Halftime show gets less interesting

The already unexciting Super Bowl XLIV Halftime show featuring what's left of The Who has surprisingly gotten even less exciting. In an interview with Billboard Pete Townsend has revealed the playlist for the halftime show.
"We're kinda doing a mashup of stuff," the guitarist tells Billboard. "A bit of 'Baba O'Riley,' a bit of 'Pinball Wizard,' a bit of the close of 'Tommy,' a bit of 'Who Are You,' and a bit of 'Won't Get Fooled Again.' It works -- it's quite a saga. A lot of the stuff that we do has that kind of celebratory vibe about it -- we've always tried to make music that allows the audience to go a bit wild if they want to. Hopefully it will hit the spot."

Translation: It's going to be a CSI infomercial. The only way this could get better is if a CSI episode was airing after the game (the recent lingerie football episode of CSI:NY would have been perfect.). Sadly, CBS has decided to premiere the already uninteresting Undercover Boss.
It's at this point real alternatives to the halftime show would be really useful. Remember the In Living Color halftime special, complete with the infamous "Men on Football" sketch that pretty much destroyed Richard Gere's reputation? Or when the WWF had a Rock vs. Mankind match on USA? One of those would be really useful this year.
CBS really needs to hope for a close, exciting game this year between the Colts and Saints. Otherwise there might be a lot of channel switching this year.

(Billboard.com, Warming Glow)

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