Friday, January 15, 2010

Meet Derek Dooley

This is Derek Dooley, who was until an hour or so ago the head football coach of the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. He's left that job to take the same position as University of Tennessee head football coach. This after it seemed everybody and his dog turned the job down.
Derek Dooley is the son of legendary Georgia football coach Vince Dooley. He played football at Virginia 1987-1990. After graduating Virginia, he obtained a law degree at Georgia. Like Mike Leach, he was a practicing lawyer before becoming a football coach (Quick, lock the electrical sheds at UT). He was an assistant coach with various roles at LSU under Nick Saban. So he's obviously been tutored in he ways of how to leave a program high and dry.
Dooley became head coach of Louisiana Tech in 2007. In three seasons he went 17-20, with one winning season in 2008 (complete with Independence Bowl win against Northern Illinois). The other two years...meh.
Dooley was also named athletic director at Louisiana Tech in 2008. Meaning he's left the school with two vacant positions to fill (see, Saban taught him well). The AD experience might be valuable, as Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton will probably be out of a job after the Lane Kiffin debacle.


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