Saturday, January 16, 2010

Derek Dooley's Papa on Lane Kiffin

Want to know what Derek Dooley's papa, Vince Dooley said earlier in regards to Kiffin, a day or so ago before young Derek got the nod as Kiffin's replacement as UT coach?

“Well, Lane Kiffin has brought the signs of the times to an extreme,” Dooley said with a chuckle.

If Vince and Barbara show up at the next UGA/UT game in frosted Tennessee Orange it's serve Dr. Evil Michael Adams right for the way he treated him.
By the way, it turns out Derek Dooley's son is named Peyton. That should make the natives somewhat happy.
Anyhow, here's one last Lane Kiffin song for this week, with apologies to Soul Asylum:

(via Get the Picture, Houston Chronicle)

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