Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dawgageddon: David Pollack uses his delusion, calls for VanGorder to be hired

Its starting to get bad out there for the Bulldog Nation. Get the Picture is already comparing the search for Willie Martinez's replacement to the Iran Hostage Crisis, for crying out loud.
Then there is the sad feeling that the search for a new DC is starting to take a turn for the delusional. Georgia legend (and current sports radio jock) David Pollack has been spending the morning pimping tweeting that The Dawgs should ask former Dawg DC/current Falcons DC Brian VanGorder to return to the fold. He's starting to sound like the Hawks fans who would call up the fledgling sports radio stations in Atlanta claiming the solution to all the Hawks problems was to bring back Dominique Wilkins.
It makes just as much sense for VanGorder to come back to Georgia as it did Kirby Smart to leave Alabama for the DC job. It not only is a lateral move, it just might be a step backward for VanGorder. If he makes any type of lateral moves, it will probably be to another NFL team. Or maybe to USC if those Jack Del Rio offered the head coaching job stories are true. Otherwise, any voluntary separation from the Falcons will probably be for another chance as a head coach somewhere. (Translation: Don't be surprised if his name turns up on the list to replace Mark Richt someday. Hopefully not any day soon.)
The next thing you know the DN will be calling for Vince Dooley to be brought back to replace either Damon Evans Mark Richt. Oh dang, I just gave them an idea...

(via Get the Picture, Yahoo! Sports)

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