Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bobby Knight needs a makeover

It's seriously time for Bobby Knight (left) to retire the sweater. Or at least wear a sport coat over it. People get that the v-neck was his trademark outfit while coaching. But now that he's at ESPN doing the play-by play with Brent Musburger, It just doesn't look too cool. I get the joke, it's just not funny anymore.
Let's be honest for a moment. The sweaters look a little frumpy. They don't look like kind that's found at Brooks Brothers. They look more like they're from Sears. Or worse, Aramark.
Knight really needs to consider dressing it up a little more. .The v-neck at courtside was a cute trademark look. But if Michael Phelps was doing commentary for a swim meet, would you expect him to be wearing a Speedo? Probably not.
The announcer's table or in the studio at ESPN is a little more of a dress up thing, at least in prime time or on Sportscenter. Mike and Mike may dress casual for the morning simulcast, but when they do Sportscenter, they're both in suit and tie. Knight needs to consider that. Nobody would blame him for going a little classier look for TV. They might even thank him for it.
ESPN should at least try to get some classier looking sweaters. Heck, Knight could make a killing with his own line of them.

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