Friday, January 29, 2010


Hello there, Will D. Cat. You're the Villanova Wildcats mascot. Boy do you look menacing, showing off all those teeth. Actually, you don't. You don't look too wild, either. Surly maybe, but not wild.
Will D. Cat looks like an old school college mascot, all covered with fur. As opposed ot some of these all soft sculptured and foam rubber cosplay monstrosities out there. He's a lot like The Penn State Nittany Lion, except Villanova cared enough to give there mascot a real name, while Penn St. didn't.
Then again Will D. Cat isn't the most original of names. It doesn't quite roll off the tip of the tongue, either. Of course Wild D. here dates to around 1950, much too early for the era where mascots had "hipper" names. Wait, mascots have hip names? Forget I said that.

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