Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ann Arborgeddon: Michigan names Domino's CEO as AD

Any thoughts that the Little Caesar's Bowl or the Papa Johns.com Bowl could possibly get Michigan to play in their individual bowls after next season are completely toast. (Or is that Crazy Bread?) Michigan has named David Brandon, the CEO of Domino's Pizza, as its new athletic director. Apparently folks up in Michigan think running a pizza-making company means you know about sports. Mike Illitch, founder of Little Caesar's, owns the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings. That must mean that the CEO of Domino's must be the perfect guy to run an FBS Division athletic department, doesn't it?
It's reported that Brandon debated between running for governor of Michigan as a Republican, and running the UM athletic department. That he picked the AD job pretty much tells you what a hopeless job being Governor of Michigan is.

(via The Sports Hernia, Detroit Free Press)

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