Monday, December 7, 2009

What players can expect to get from bowl games in lieu of money.

Want to know what college players are going to get this year going to bowl games? Sports Business Journal has the scoop the kinds of freebies the various bowl games are handing out this year as opposed to you know, monetary compensation. There are a lot of Oalkey and Ogio products to go around Plus quite a few visits to what is called the "Sony gift suite."
Obviously, the better the bowl, the better the goodies handed out. If you're Nevada or SMU and you're going to the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, you're screwed. All you're reported to getting is a "Kahala Aloha shirt." The Emerald Bowl is just as bad. All Boston College and USC players can expect to get is a Fossil watch. Its San Francisco and they don't even get some flowers to put in their hair, dangit! It's a far cry from what USC expects from the Rose Bowl, which is handing "television combos" from Sharp.
Honestly, there really isn't a lot to write home about. The guess the recession has probably put a crimp on the swag, as well as the IRS, who started getting anal about these kinda things a few years back when the Oscar goody bags started to get out of hand. And it's still not enough to keep players from jumping to the pros early.

(via The Sporting Blog, Sports Business Journal)

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