Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tuberville to Texas Tech? Not so fast.

Who will replace Mike Leach at Texas Tech? Well it's doubtful that TT will give into temptation and hire Ruffin McNeil full time. Well there seems to be a candidate out there if Texas Tech if willing to take a chance on him. That would be former Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville.
Tuberville to Texas Tech sounds like a no-brainer at first. He did a tremendous job at Auburn. Then comes the reminder of why Tuberville isn't at Auburn anymore. That would be his infamous relationship with booster Bobby Lowder. The Tuberville-Lowder relationship may be the worst coach-booster relationship in history. At least when the two are on opposing sides.
Think about this. You're Texas Tech Athletic Director Gerald Meyers. Would you really replace a coach who had a contentious relationship with the administration with a coach with the most volitile relationships with a booster in NCAA history? Yeah, it doesn't make too much sense either.
At one point one would assume that Texas Tech would get the idea that coaches with authority issues might not be a good hire. Mind you, this is the school that hired Bobby Knight as basketball coach after his years of, well, being Bobby Knight. But Knight's dealings with the school weren't as nasty as they got with signing Leach to a new deal earlier in the year. And Knight didn't rub boosters the wrong way that Tuberville did.
Tuberville's interest in Texas Tech would bring a "Heck yeah!" to any school's fans. But on further thought, it seems like the school would be setting itself up for another fall with a coach who doesn't play well with those in authority. It might be worth the risk, but it would be a definite "proceed with caution" situation.

(via ESPN)

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