Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tony Barnhart visions of an SEC rematch in the BCS dance in his head

Alledged "Mr. College Football" Tony Barnhart tried to come up with a scenario where Florida and Alabama faced each other in a rematch for the BCS "championship." But honestly, it wasn't a real good one.
Basically Barnhart's argument falls on two factors a)Texas losing to Nebraska in the Big 12 championship, and b)The loser of SEC Championship not dropping too far in the polls.
Not enough in my book. The only possible way I see a rematch happening is if Alabama beats Florida, and Texas loses to the 'Huskers. If both Alabama and Texas lose, it might pave the way for TCU. Maybe. If 'Bama loses and Texas wins, it'll be Gators vs. Longhorns.

(via Atlanta-Journal Constitution)

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