Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tim Tebow tributes get into full swing.

What are we going to do without Tim Tebow once he fades into third round draft pick obscurity? Find someone else to recycle old Chuck Norris jokes with, I guess. Anyhow, Nola.com has come up with their top eleven Tim Tebow jokes, "because we just couldn’t stop at 10. However, Tim Tebow can eat just one Lay’s potato chip," as they say.
Frankly, I got tired of Tim Tebow/Chuck Norris/Most Interesting Man in the World jokes a while ago. Honestly Jay-Z boast of making "the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can" is better than most Chuck Norris jokes combined. The exception would be Johnny Carson's claim back around 1985 that Norris was going to save Rambo in his next film. (Johnny Carson invented the Chuck Norris joke, in my opinion. Someone find me the video on this.)
Meanwhile Dan Shanoff over at TIMTEBLOG is counting down the Top Tebow Moments. Somehow I'm doubting this makes the list:

Or this one:

And this one was totally fake. But dang, it's still funny:

Circumcising boys in the Philippines does get the nod at No.8, however.

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