Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tim Cowlishaw gives praise to Jerry Jones' Heathen Temple

You would think that Around the Horn panelist and BCS Tool Tim Cowlishaw would take time in his column to gloat over Dallas crushing New Orleans' dreams of perfection. Nope.
Or maybe get closer to home gloat about Texas beating North Carolina. You're getting warmer, but not even that.
Nope, Cowlishaw spent his precious column time heaping praise on the venue of Saturday's Longhorn beating of the reigning NCAA Basketball Tournament Champions: The Heathen Temple of Jerry Jones Avarice a.k.a Cowboys Stadium.
Cowlishaw was impressed at Cowboy Stadium's capability of handling a big-time sporting event other than a football game. The game, well that was neat too.
Or course Cowlishaw gives praise for what distinguishes The Heathen Temple from that other contender of misplaced greed, the All-New, All Different Yankee Stadium: The retractable roof.

"Give Jerry Jones as much grief as you choose for his failure to hire a general manager. But he (and the taxpayers) left nothing to chance when they built this place, which should instantly work its way into regular rotations for all the major sporting events. That includes the one Texas and Alabama will travel to the West Coast to play in January."

As mentioned here before, the roof is what makes Cowboys Stadium more important than Yankee Stadium or that new stadium the two New York-in-name-only teams will be playing their home games in nest year. The one they're hoping gets a Super Bowl. The one without a roof. Good luck with that.

(via Dallas Morning News)

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