Sunday, December 6, 2009

TCU and Boise State are both two things..

TCU and Boise State are two things:
1)They're both teams in the BCS this year.
2)They were both screwed by the BCS this year.
In typical BCS fashion, the Bowl committees found new ways to screw the non BCS-Conference teams. This time by having them play each other in the Fiesta Bowl. It sucks even worse, because TCU already beat Boise State last year in the Poinsettia Bowl (TCU won 17-16).
Meanwhile fans get such great bowl matchups such as Georgia Tech and Iowa in the Rust Orange Bowl, Florida and Cincinnati in the Domers Would Kill Their Firstborn for Either One of Our Head Coaches Sugar Bowl, and Oregon and Ohio State in the Two Bald Men Fighting Over a Comb Rose Bowl Game. At least fans get to see Alabama play Texas for the BCS "Championship," though quite a few people would have preferred to see Florida and Texas face off for the crystal pigskin.
Blame all of the on the provincial nature of the BCS bowl committees. They're more concerned about protecting their own turf than they are about making sure the best matchups or making money happen. Blame a slew of underperforming programs from BCS Conferences (and oh yeah, Notre Dame) also.
Of course things wouldn't be much better if my personal " first step in fixing the BCS on the way to a playoff " (mandatory #3 vs. #4 every year) took place this year. In that scenario Cincinnati would play TCU. Not really much better this year. That actually makes TCU vs. Boise St. more like a better game the more I think of it. But I would have preferred to see either Boise St. or TCU take on Florida instead of the Bearcats.
Putting TCU up against Boise St. seems more like punishing success than rewarding it. Having them face each other in the Fiesta Bowl seems more like a white elephant gift than an actual reward for on-the-field performance. It's games like this that make the BCS look more and more loathsome each day.


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