Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sorry, I couldn't resist. (Tiger related)

I really haven't really done much on Tiger Woods. Mostly because a)I haven't really wanted to go there, b)I haven't really come up with something both original enough for posting, and c) I really haven't cared to dwell on it.
Honestly, I've gotten really bored of this story really quick. At this point the only way you could make me take notice would involve either Tiger hooking up someone who was actually famous (reality and adult film "stars" need not apply), or Tiger having his own real life "Billie Jean."
But, I saw this on YouTube, and yep, I couldn't resist.

Yeah, I suck.
(By the way, the link mentioned on the YT site is nothing special. I wouldn't waste you're time)

(via YouTube)

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