Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Should the Big Ten look at Navy as 12th member?

Dan Shanoff of The Sporting Blog gives his suggestion of which school should join the Big 10: Navy. Some of his arguements are serious ("Academic credentials are impeccable. Football program is solid."), some are less so ("Feds could use the BCS bowl revenue"). One arguement he doesn't make: Players at Navy aren't as likely to attack other students on campus.
Plus, Navy has a national following, unlike a school like Rutgers. Though arguably Rutgers has a better shot because of it's proximity to the New York market (even if its in New Jersey).
Shanoff says "If the Big Ten hates America, it will dismiss Navy's value to the conference. If it loves America, it will see Navy's obvious value and bring them in" Well we already know the Big 10 hates America. The conference is one of the biggest opponents to a playoff system.

(via The Sporting Blog)

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