Friday, December 18, 2009

Shirts Without Random Triangles: T-shirts honor bad draft pics

In case you're looking for that last minute Christmas Gift, Pennant Race Gear has the shirts you may be looking for. That is if you're more desperate than Alex P. Keaton in a lame Family Ties knockoff of A Christmas Carol. This company has decided to celebrate rotten draft picks of the past for their "Infamous" line. Included at the moment are 1984 Portland Trail Blazers #1 draft pick Sam Bowie (and if you have to ask who was picked right after him, you don't need to know) and 1987 Seattle Seahawks draft pick Brian Bosworth. No word yet if or when the Brady Quinn and Greg Oden shirts comes out. And you Jacksonville Jaguars fans may want to go ahead and reserve your "Infamous" Tim Tebow shirt now.

(via First Cuts)

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