Sunday, December 20, 2009

The SEC is "The Yankees of the college game?" Them's fightin' words.

Leave it to ESPN to start the week off with a bad analogy for the SEC. The World Wide Leader took a look at the economics of the SEC and declared it "the New York Yankees of college football conferences." There are still parts of the South where being called a "Yankee" is about the worst thing you could call someone. All the while acting like this was something bad.
Of course the issue is money, and the fact that the coaches make a whole lot of it. This is of course used as an excuse to bash the salaries that college coaches are paid. Needless to say, the article then proceeds to degenerate into the usual haves-versus-have-nots mess. In short, it's a long article that really doesn't say anything new or anything to improve the situation. Or anything much at all for that matter.

(via ESPN)

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Unknown said...

That IS a poor choice of words! Shame on ESPN...