Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Pac-10 looking into expansion?

First the Big 10 talks expansion, now Joe Shcad tweets that the Pac 10 may be joining the 21st century. Schad tweeted that the Pac-10's commissioner Larry Scott was "open to expansion discussion." Yes, Virginia. There may really be a Santa Claus after all!
Schad suggests the Pac-10 go after "BYU or Utah." While going after at least one Utah school is a good idea, two might be a little much. One Utah school would be enough to expand into that market. What the Pac-10 needs to do is go after Boise St. or a school in Colorado, such as Colorado or Air Force. Boise St. may be more desirable to fans, but Colorado is the larger and more lucrative market. Sure Colorado is a Big 12 school, but it's not like BCS conferences haven't raided each other before (like when the ACC raided the Big East).
The possibility of the most Jurassic of BCS conferences even thinking about expanding is a glimmer of hope for progress. Any sign that the Pac-10 may be open for change is good. It's not a guarantee things will change, but it's a positive pointing in that direction.

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