Monday, December 21, 2009

Nike's MVPuppets deck the halls with boughs of lameness

Nike delivered its latest package of lameness from the MVPuppets this weekend. You know, those stupid ads with the Kobe Bryant and LeBron James puppets? The ones that may have had you wishing for a "Dan and Dave"-like finish to the season (which pretty much happened)?
This time Kobe and LeBron's puppet avatars aid Santa (voiced by KRS-One) in warding off a playground challenge from Blitzen (voiced by Lupe Fiasco) and some of the other Reindeer. No, Rudolph wasn't involved. He still doesn't get get invited to play in any reindeer games. (That and Nike was too cheap to pay the company that holds the rights to Rudolph. )

Anyhow the series starts with Blitzen challenging Santa.

Next comes Santa trash-talking back to hit reinder. Sadly, no mention of the word "venison."

(Notice the name "Rudoplh" was blepped out? I told you Nike was too cheap to pay for the rights. Man up, Phil Knight!)

Oh course there comes the inevitable showdown, and well. you really didn't think Kobe and LeBron's little puppet avatars were going to be taken out by a few tiny reindeer, did you?

It would be more impressing if they were facing Little Penny, Larry Johnson and his Grandmama. (And that actually could could happen. Nike owns Converse. No rights problem there.)

(via Ball Don't Lie, First Cuts)

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