Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mangino reaches the Point of Know Return at Kansas

Mark Mangino's coaching career at Kansas is dust in the wind. The combination of accusations of verbal and mental attacks on his players, combined with a lackluster 5-7 record pretty much did him in. The point of no return came on the heels of accusations of physical abuse with a player accusing Mangino of an act of physical punishment that sounded like it was straight out of Full Metal Jacket than the NCAA rulebook. Needless to say things probably couldn't keep on going the way they were without it becoming an either bigger train wreck. The financial settlement will probably keep this from becoming a mess in the courts. It's too late to keep it from being a mess on campus.

(via, KU Sports/com, EDSBS)

(postscript: I'd like to thank Holly Anderson or whoever's responsible for this over at EDSBS for making me go and find this little musical gem over at YouTube. If there's a lame song from an 80's movie I'm on it like white on rice. I suck.)

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