Saturday, December 19, 2009

Julio Jones rap video reveals sorry state of rap music in Alabama

You know that youe state's music industry is in sad shape when the best rapper is a blonde white girl.

Look, not every place in the Dirty South can be The ATL, but c'mon! Put a little more effort into it, dangit!
No word yet on the true identity of this young maiden,or what her momma named her. Though this being the internet age you know that won't last long. The YouTube channel's user profile gives the username "uacrock" and not much else.
And by the way, it there anything lamer than a houndstooth baseball cap? Seriously 'Bama, you take this Bear Bryant worship to the wildest of extremes.

(and yes, DMX and Q-Tip are from Alabama. What exactly have they done lately?)

(via The Sporting Blog)

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