Saturday, December 5, 2009

How Hunter Lawrence saved the BCS

BSC Executive Director Bill Hancock, Ari Fleischer, and FOX Sports had better make sure they send Texas kicker Hunter Lawrence a Christmas card this year (if the NCAA allows such things). Lawrence probably saved their collective rear ends this year.
Unless the voters in the Coaches' Poll get extra snarky, Texas will probably play Alabama in the BCS "Championship." The BCS already took a hit with Alabama beating Florida. That denied FOX and the BCS with the ratings gold of Tim Tebow's (now impossible)"perfect season." If Texas had lost, the possibility of an Alabama vs. TCU/Cincinnati matchup would be leading casual fans to CSI reruns. Of course, if the game's a turkey that still could happen.
Boise State probably needs to send Lawrence a nice little thank you note too, if they end up in a BCS bowl. A Nebraska win might have hampered their BCS dreams too. A one-loss Texas would probably still get the nod over the Broncos.
Heck, Hancock & Fleischer ought to by Lawrence a house after the BCS Championship. Think of it, the entire BCS avoided a huge shiner because of a kicker. Bobby Boucher would be proud.

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