Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Here comes Frenchie Claus, Here comes Frenchie Claus..."

Don't be fooled by that man in the red suit. It is none other than the Mets' Jeff Francoeur handing out presents at the Mets' Christmas party for area school children in New York. He bringing lots of toys and goodies for the kids in the same way he that he was one of the few things to bring tidings of comfort and joy to Mets' fans this year. Which is in sharp contrast to his former team, the Braves, who deserve nothing but lumps of coal and switches for trading him for that worthless excuse of a carbon based life form, R**n Church. (Yeah, I guess that would make R**n Church a lump of coal on some level).
The bad news, apparently previous Mets' playing Santa have run into bad luck in the following season . Hopefully Frenchie can prevent that from happening next season, and continue to prove that Terry Pendleton's incompetence as hitting coach was/is the problem.

(via Can't Stop the Bleeding, New York Times )

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