Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Goodbye Atlanta Braves. Hello Liberty Media Surrender Monkeys

It's official now. The Braves will not be trying to be a competitive team anymore. Instead of resigning Adam LaRoche or trying to get another relevant hitter, the Braves signed damaged goods Troy Glaus. Enough sign of a team that's not trying to win it all.
Braves fans have to face the facts. Liberty Media doesn't care about winning games. The Atlanta Braves mean nothing to them, and neither does the city of Atlanta. It's just an insignificant part of the company. If there's any good news to that notion, it's that they will probably sell the team the first chance they get. But by then the Braves will be a ruined husk of themselves. It will take years for them to get back into playoff contention. If ever.
It's over Braves' fans. Time to replace all of those division pennants in Turner Field with little white surrender flags. Or better yet, maybe little French flags. That's perfect for what the Braves have become: Liberty Media's Surrender Monkeys.


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