Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Golddomedammerung: The Whitewash begins

Brian Kelly has barely been coach at Notre Dame for a couple of days and already the spin doctors are busily revising history to put Kelly in a better light. The South Bend Tribune's Al Lesar, provides several examples of how questionable parts of Kelly's past were excused away.
For example, there's Kelly's stance on abortion, for example.
"Scour anything written about Kelly and it's impossible to find his stance on abortion. Could it be his work as a legal assistant on the staff of Sen. Gary Hart in the early '80s?

"I'm a practicing Catholic," Kelly said Friday. "I embrace the same values that are here at Notre Dame. I can tell you this: I'm pro Notre Dame; I'm pro football - that's about it."
Kelly's "pro football", eh? Freudian slip, perhaps? Maybe an even bigger dream job back in the mental closet there?

Then there is the nasty little Central Michigan incident. Notre Dame's athletic director Jack Swarbrick's comment on the issue:

"Brian, in my conversation with him, brought up the Central Michigan topic," Swarbrick said Friday. "I would have gotten to it if he didn't. He talked about the lesson he learned from that. I really appreciated that. Take that stuff head-on. That's sorta the nature of his personality."

Of course, Swarbrick failed to share what the lesson was that Kelly actually learned.
And then there's that little problem of how Kelly pretty much left Cincinnati at the Sugar Bowl altar. In Kelly's own words:

"Transition is very difficult, and those situations are extremely emotional," Kelly said. "But I handled myself in a manner that was up front and honest. The two watch words for me in dealing with our student athletes and anybody is professionalism and integrity. And I believe that in those areas, that's the way I handled myself. When I had the opportunity to inform our team, I certainly did that."

Which is why some of your former players hate your guts right now.

"It's like somebody turned their back on us," tight end Ben Guidugli told AP. "To have someone walk out now is disappointing."
Notre Dame can spin Kelly's baggage issues as much as they can. All it can do is haunt the school if Kelly flops.

(via South Bend Tribune)

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