Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Golddomedammerung: Is Tommy Tuberville a Notre Dame dark horse?

Brian Kelly is the odds-on favorite as Notre Dame head football coach. Connecticut's Randy Edsall is running a close second. But is former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville the dark horse in the Fighting Irish Sweepstakes? That's what the South Bend Tribune's Eric Hansen is suggesting.
According to Hansen's sources, there's a group of Notre Dame alumni who would like to see Tuberville take over the beleaguered Irish program. The ND athletic department doesn't seem to be too interested at the moment. Their Irish eyes seem to be smiling on Kelly right now. But if Kelly and Edsall fall through, there is going to be a lot of rear-covering in South Bend.
Mind you, even the thought of Tuberville at Notre Dame doesn't sound like it would work. Tuberville's relationship with Auburn sugar daddy Bobby Lowder was notorious. Imagine an army of Bobby Lowders. Yeah, that's gonna work.

(via South Bend Tribune)

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