Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Golddomedammerung: Brian Kelly joins the ranks of the Snake Coaches.

In leaving Cincinnati for Notre Dame Brian Kelly had joined an elite group of coaches. No, not the list of coaches who have led Notre Dame. This is an ancient and august group that crosses all boundaries and football conferences. It is called The Union of the Snake Coaches.
These are the coaches who take mid-to-low level college football programs to the brink of competitive prominence, only to bolt at the first chance at a better gig. Members include Nick Saban, Gary Barnett, Bobby Petrino, and Rich Rodriguez, and that's just the football coaches.
The majority of these coaches end up having a shaky run at the school they jump to. They never seem to live up to the hype that they created at their old school. Even worse, in some cases the new school ends up in worse shape from where the coach began.
Notre Dame has Brian Kelly as coach, they had better be careful with what they wished for.

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