Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gee, Drew is Sharp about Notre Dame and Michigan

Drew Sharp of the the Detroit Free Press uses his December 2 column to state the obvious; that Notre Dame and Michigan are no longer elite programs, but the Domers and Wolverine Nation don't get it. What a shocking revelation. Plus he falls in to the trap of saying that "the days of the Wolverines and the Fighting Irish annually contending for national championships are over."
I gave up on saying things would "never" happen years ago when I kept seeing things that were never were supposed to happen (least in my lifetime) actually happen. Little things like the Berlin Wall falling, or the collapse of the USSR, or Apartheid ending in South Africa. The fact that a liberal African-American got elected President should be enough to make anyone reconsider use of the word "never."
As for sports, Buster Douglas wasn't supposed to beat Mike Tyson, remember? Few people saw George Foreman's comeback to boxing as being as successful as it was. And how many people how many people expected to see the Florida Marlins win two World Series? Or the rise of MMA in this decade?
It's easy to state the obvious about whether certain teams are elite or not.It's even easier to say that they won't come back. Either statement is tricky on its own for the person making their argument. As a combo, both statements can come back to haunt you.

(via Detroit Free Press)

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