Friday, December 18, 2009

Dawgageddon: Who wants to be a defense coordinator?

With Vic Koennig picking Illinois and Ron Zook over Georgia its beginning to looks pretty bad for the Dawgs getting a blue-chip defense coordinator to replace Willie Martinez. If it gets any worse, Mark Richt may have to see a DC at "Lowered Expectations," Mad TV's fictional dating service.If the search gets any worse, Richt may be interviewing Bo Kunkle, the (now ex-)high school football coach Tia Tequila dumped on A Shot at Love II with Tia Tequila before too long. (I was really hoping not to mention Tia Tequila on this blog. Now Iv'e done it three times in one entry, dangit!)
Or even worse yet, Richt may have to put on his own reality show to fill the job.
Just a few possible (nightmare) scenarios:

Iron Defense Coordinator: Contestants have to come up with five defense plays using a theme ingredient.

The Ultimate Coordinator: Candidates for the DC job fight it out in the octagon. (You did know Forest Griffin went to UGA?)

Defense Coordinator Chalenge: The Ruins: DC candidates face off in challenges an arena built within the ruins of what's left of Vince Dooley's house.

So You Think You Can Coach? Candidates have a dance-off for the job.

Yeah, it could probably get much worse.

(And you think that's bad? Look what I found on YouTube looking for "Lowered Expectations."

Yes, that's Shaq. Please kill me now.)


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