Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dawgageddon: Former kicker calls the Dawgs out.

A former UGA kicker is calling the Bulldogs out. Rex Robinson, kicker on the 1980 Georgia National Championship team, accuses Mark Richt of letting "the inmates were running the asylum."
Guess what he uses as an example of his reasoning that the players are in control? Yep, those already infamous black helmets and pants. Though he later goes on to say that " it’s not the actual helmets and pants, or even black jerseys. It’s what they represent. The players are in control." Nike probably had a little more to do with those deviations form the standard red and black unis than the players did, but that's neither here nor there (more like here actually).
Bill King of the's Junkyard Blawg points out the usual complaints of the Dawgs penalty issues. As for wonders "Has the kicking legend put his finger on the true problem with the Dogs, or is he just another grumpy ole guy out of touch with the way the game is played nowadays?"

(via Junkyard Blawg Roughing the Kicker)

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