Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Danger, Will Robinson! Moment of the Day: Charlie Weis to the Redskins?

Oh snap! Mr. Irrelevant reports that the Washington Redskins are looking at hiring ex-Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis to an unknown role in the organization. If that doesn't bring visions of schadenfreude through your mind nothing will. You don't need an unnamed robot to tell this has "Warning! Danger Will Robinson!" written all over it.
The article mentions the Broncos' interest in Weis also, but they're probably looking to hire Weis as Josh McDaniel's offense coordinator. Or geisha boy. Or some other job with no real decision making power.
Speaking of refuges of The Golddomedammerung, , the Redskins are looking at drafting Jimmy Clausen. Clausen and Weis, together again. Wonderful, more schadenfreude! There's plenty to go around with the Redskins. Its like a buffet of schadenfreude! And Daniel Snyder is picking up the tab for us all. What joy!

(via Mr. Irrelevant)

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