Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Braves' dump Church. Frank Wren officially an idiot.

The Atlanta Braves' designated loser outfielder R*** Church for assignment Tuedsay, pretty much ending his horrible tenure on the team. The Braves traded struggling Jeff Francoeur to the Mets for Church. Francoeur quickly began to not suck for the Mets, while Church pretty much sat on his rear while on and off the injured list.
(How bad does R*** Church suck? He doesn't even deserve the name Ryan, that's how much he sucks. Ryan is the name of winners. Nolan Ryan, Matt Ryan, Ryan A. Conklin, etc. Church is just pathetic.)
Once Braves' GM Frank Wren is done chiseling the egg that's been caked on his face since last season, he should walk into the first tattoo parlor he can find and have "idiot" tattooed on his forehead in big Gothic letters. He deserves it for trading Francoeur for Church.


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