Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Big 10 ready to (gasp!) evolve?

The Big 10 (Plus 1) may finally be ready to enter the 20th 21st century. Word has come down that the Big 10 may be seeking a twelfth team to join the conference. This would pave the way for divisions and an end of the season championship game.
No word on who the lucky twelfth school might be. Still stuck in the past Notre Dame turned the Big 10 a few years ago. A raiding of the Big East is probable. Rutgers and Syracuse would probably be frontrunners if only because of their markets. Cincinnati might have a good shot also. Teams like West Virginia and Navy are pretty much dark horses.
No word if the Big 10's perennial Rose Bowl opponent the Pac-10 is ready to enter the 20th century.

(via Deadspin, JSOnline)

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