Friday, November 13, 2009

Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show: The Who?....Why?

According to * The Who is reportedly going to be the halftime performers at Super Bowl XLIV in Miami. Or at least what's left of them.
Ever since Janet Jackson and her you-know-what the NFL has shied away from acts that were at their peak before Taylor Swift was born. It would be nice if the NFL would try to get an artist from My Generation for halftime. Okay, they had Prince and Tom Petty, and Bruce Springsteen. But they were around when I was in middle school. Why not the Dave Matthews Band or Foo Fighters? Heck, the MLB had Jay-Z and Alicia Keys perform before a World Series game. The MLB! The league that won't expand instant replay had the biggest rapper in the world and the NFL gets a band where half the original members are dead.
I get a funny feeling I know why The Who got the nod: CSI. Super Bowl XLIV will be on CBS this year. This is the network the CSI franchise of shows is on. And all three shows features The Who in their opening credits. Not a bit of a stretch there, eh?
I shouldn't complain about The Who. They would be better than Up With People or one of the Freudian nightmare inducing Olympic opening ceremonies. Its just that news of The Who performing just isn't exciting. If Black Lantern Keith Moon and Zombie John Entwistle were going to be on stage with Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend I'd be more enthused.

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