Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh child, please moment of the day: Paul Johnson a Notre Dame candidate?

The hot choice to replace the still not fired Charlie Weis as Former Fighting Irish head coach seems to be Cincinnati's Brian Kelly. Jeff Schultz, columnist for the alleged newspaper The Atlanta Journal-Constitution suggests a possible alternate candidate: Georgia Tech's second year coach Paul Johnson.
Oh child, please.
It sounds like this idea is more trying to sell papers than any actual reporting. It is seriously doubtful that Notre Dame is going to be looking toward the North Avenue Trade School for a head coach again. Does the name George O'Leary ring a bell? Thought so.
Johnson said he has no plans to leave Tech after only two years. Why should he? Most of the ACC is either a downward spiral or just spinning around delusionaly. The same could be said of Georgia Tech's in-state rival, UGA. Johnson is in a prime area for recruiting, and will probably steal as many blue chip recruits from Mark Richt this year as Lane Kiffin will. Thought so.
Schultz should be ashamed of himself for even trying to pull a stunt like this.It sounds more like a feeble attempt to justify a paycheck than actual reporting.


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